Path to the North Pole

About the music

One of Norway’s finest guitar players Bent Rune Stray, joined me on an improvised musical journey through the Northern Hemisphere – it’s vast and open landscape of snow and ice was our inspiration. Path to the North Pole comes from my childhood memories of huge mountains draped in white, where the sun blinds you as it bounces back from the glittering icy fields. This is a song to my Nordic roots.

About the video

This is RA, the old Norse Queen of transformation on her quest: From the North Pole to Sahara: Restore this earth into its natural balance!  We had a ton of ice brought to us in the desert. And Arctic Queen® draped in thousand meters of plastic food wrapping, symbolizing the acts and responsibilities of mankind… only we who are both nature and culture – only we who drape ourselves – can change the threats of global warming…


Music: Arctic Queen®. Guitarsolo: Bernt Rune Stray. Film director: Vibeke Muasya