About the music

Flying came into being at the time  I wrote the book “The Pearl”.  Flying is a state of mind… like a dolphin diving or flying through the air as it plays and conquers the waves and the crust of the water’s surface… you go under and you rise up again…

About the video

We used the sensual tone from the book “The Pearl” – a woman in transition – changing “dirt” in her life into shining pearls. Arctic Queen® is here assuring us that the litter of our lives can with time be transformed into something very valuable – if we follow the wisdom of the dolphin or the secrets of the mermaid… Things break and die but are later reborn into beauty when we come to understand and grasp the events of our everyday. Never stop flying – it is a state of mind.


Music and Lyrics: Arctic Queen® and JohnJohn. Film director Vibeke Muasya