Towels for your health



Wild seaweed blended with finest biodynamic cotton has made this innovation possible

The Arctic Queen® towel is a living material.


  • breathes
  • can provide your body with minerals such as magnesium and calcium
  • can help keeping your skin young
  • has antioxidant qualities
  • can protect your skin against free radicals
  • can give your body vitamin A,C and E

Wash away your worries with Arctic Queen® towels for your health!

Bath-towel: EUR 30,-
Guest-towel: EUR 20,-
Wash-cloth: EUR 10,-

Plus shipping

One set of towels: NOK 600,-

For buying such towels, write us a mail:
We will send the towels to you.
Here are some customers comments:

“ This health bringing towel is just wonderful! It is extremely delicate, feels like silk and is very comfortable.”

“ I had some problems with my skin and tested out this wash-cloth and the towel. My skin is quite ok now and the towel is just fantastic.”

“ Every time I dry myself after a bath I think positive thoughts and smile together with this wonderful towel. Thank you Arctic Queen® for being such an innovator.”

“This towel is not only health bringing. It is made in a fair and sustainable way too and that makes me very happy. Congratulations dear Arctic Queen®.”