Songs for the global warming

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Arctic Queen® is a voice that crosses vast white landscapes and has something very ancient in the grain of it. The voice is instantly recognizable. You hear one or two sounds, and you know it is her. Sometimes Arctic Queen® is challenging to listen to, but there are moments of beauty in each of her songs and a strong transformative force. You want to hear her songs again and again and each time they feel different.

Arctic Queen® mixes the old rite of “joik” with contemporary electronic music. Meditate as her maternal “lullaby” connects you with the melting glaciers of the northern hemisphere and the expanding deserts of the southern hemisphere.

She has a message to us all about healing and restoration of self and Earth as she, through her feminine 5 octaves voice reminds us that we ARE this universe.

Let her voice speak to you.

There is magic in the range of her voice,

as if it comes from a deep inner land of wisdom and healing.

Genre: Electronica, Melodious rock,

Joik, World