Magic of the Everyday

– The path to joy is not to dream of a life, but to live out a dream

About The Magic of Everyday.

This book was hidden almost two thousand years in the desert of Egypt and found again under special circumstances by a Swedish archeologist. When he and his wife died some years ago, Arctic Queen® was asked to make the book known to the public.

This ancient book written by the Greek doctor Theophilus, has a lot to teach us today about how to fill our everyday with mindfulness, magic and joy.

The book, although little, has great wisdom. It is both practical and poetic where we follow doctor Theophilus in a special troublesome and dramatic  time of his life where he seeks to find his health, his good humor and his belief in the future again.

From the book The Magic of Everyday

“Mindfulness is the ore of life that waits to be polished and shaped by you. It is not distinct from anything else in your life. Mindfulness is not divided up into moments, levels, quantities or shortcomings. Mindfulness is your attitude towards life.”

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