Artist, Poet and Sound Healer.


“I pray that my music

and my art be a Ray of Light:

May it console your hurts and heal your wounds.

May it transform your fears into believing…

May I bring you

A song of praise

A joik of love and

A dance of joy.”

Arctic Queen®

An interview with Arctic Queen®


You often sing without understandable words. Why?


Because I sing from my soul to your soul; directly and playful. Some say that they do understand my soul – words with their heart and that is in my opinion the best way of understanding.


How did you start singing this way?


Since I was a little girl, I could sing like this in a playful manner with the trees, the ocean, the birds, the  night, the day. I even prayed to God this way. But when I entered conservatory and for many years learned to sing professionally, I had to hide my childish manners and start to sing the way I was thought. It has taken me many years of “unlearning” to dare to start singing my soul-songs again.


What do you mean when you say that your soul-songs vibrate healing?


When I perform or create my soul-songs, I go into an altered state where I experience being attuned to higher levels of consciousness. From this state – where I am fully awake, I can translate subtle energy vibrations indo sound, melody and harmonic arrangements. It is as if I clearly hear and know what wants to be expressed and how. You might say that my soul acts like a channel through which fine healing energies flow, in order to be expressed in music and sound. I like to work with complex choir arrangements for example, where my voice is dubbed many times over. This amplifies the vibrational intensity of a particular song of musical phrase.


I have never heard of a musician before, who developed a healing towel made of seaweed. Why did you do that?


Since my mother at the age of 58 developed Alzheimer’s disease, I have had a keen interest in seaweed and especially the health bringing vitamins and minerals seaweed carry with it. Also: I have for almost a decade now worked to transform the cotton-industry and been one of the fore-runners for fair-trade, so to start combining cotton with seaweed seemed to me very “soul-like”, to express it that way. As an artist I must create, and these towels have become one of my play-grounds for my different installations.